Environmental policy

We recognize that environmental preservation is a crucial issue to all humankind.
With this as its basic policy, we strive to achieve environmental management in its commercial trading based on the guidelines stated below.

I. Basic policy

As a specialized trading company of chemical products, we strive to achieve sustainable development aimed at symbiosis between social and economic progress and environmental preservation.

II.Basic Guidelines

  1. We fully assess all the influences to environment, caused by our business activities and promote environmental conservation by continuously revising the environmental management system.
  2. We strictly observe environmental regulations, laws, and agreements.
  3. We engage in environmental conservation activities in the following items.
    1. We contribute to the environmental conservation with our business partner by providing the information about the chemicals appropriately.
    2. We engage in environmental conservation activities such as reducing wastes, recycling, energy and resource saving.
  4. We familiarize this environmental policy to all people who are working for or on behalf of us.