September 9, 1950
Established by Kiyoshi Kikuchi, the founder, On September 9,1950 with a paid up capital of ¥2million.
December, 1951
Acquired sales agency of Petroleum Chemicals Division of E.I.du Pont de Nemours & Co.,Inc. for import and sales of Tetraethyl Lead and other petroleum additives.
June, 1971
After several increases in capital over the years, the capital reached ¥45million.
October, 1994
DuPont sold their petroleum additive business to Innospec Inc. and consequently we became the general agent of Innospec.
September, 2008
Moved headquarter to Shimbashi Tokyu building in Shimbashi, Tokyo.
May, 2012
Shiro Mogaki became president.
July, 2015
The Chemours company spun-off from DuPont and consequently we became agent of Chemours.